Int/Can Ch. Aisle's Black Satin C.D.
"Super Baby Girl - Satin"
May 17, 1996 - June 6, 2008

May 17, 1996 turned out to be quite a day. Your mom was in labour and I didn't know what to do. I was anxiously waiting for your Auntie Bev to come help with the birth.

When I bred your Mom Sabrina, I asked for one thing – a black show girl. Well, we kept waiting as each of your brothers and sister were born. They were all nice but were definitely pet quality. Finally, last but not least you made your appearance. Your Auntie Bev took one look at you and told me you were a keeper!! Because your coat was so shiny and very black, you looked like a piece of satin, hence your Name!!

Satin on the left, Merlin on the right
Little did I know what an impact you would have on our lives. First you changed dad's attitude about dogs on the bed!! When you were 3 months old, you had hurt your eye. Dad was staying home that day with the boys, so when I left for work, I put you on the bed and told him to watch out for you. When I phoned home at lunch, you were sound asleep on the bed and there you remained for the rest of your life.

Dad complained for years that you would have to learn to sleep on the floor because you had a habit of sleeping against me and pushing him to the edge of the bed. Eventually he gave in and bought a king size bed for you. You were in heaven as now you could sleep between our pillows, your head towards me and bum towards your dad!! At night if you got cold, you would crawl under the covers, turn around and lay with your head out and blankets covering you.

Showing you had its ups and downs, more ups than downs. You got your championship and I showed you sparingly for the next year. You were 18 months old when you took Best of Opposite at the Group V Specialty. Just before your 2nd birthday in the last show I had you at, you went out with a bang, taking Breed over fawn male specials and then going on to our first group placement – a Group 4th. I was never so proud as I was that day!!

We went through a lot in those first couple of years – a house break-in and 2 car accidents. When the house was broken in, you were scared to death and from that day forward you never left my side and decided that all people coming into the house were not to be trusted. It took you almost 2 years to finally trust people and once that was established, you became everyone's friend. The car accidents had you not wanting to go for car rides, so I would take you on my lap and feed you lots of snacks. From then on you never left my lap for traveling and boy did we travel. You keep my lap warm right up to the last drive we made together.

Your next big adventure was to be bred and have babies. You gave me 7 beautiful babies.- two of which went on to get their championships. Because the babies were so big, they had stretched your belly so bad that we eventually had to spay you. That was fine with me because my greatest fear was that I could lose you while you were having litters.

Our next adventure was to go to Vancouver where you got an International title.

The next couple of years were quiet, we didn't do much. We did travel in the motorhome to various places and do a lot of hiking. Then we decided to try for an obedience title.

We trained and trained and finally I entered you in a show. Unfortunately, once we walked into the building, you thought we were there to do conformation - not obedience. We worked hard and you did pass the three tests and I never entered you again. You told me plain and simple that you were more for the beauty show than the obedience!!! You were 7 years and 4 months old.

I did enter you as a veteran in a few shows as you got older, your last being Sept 07.

You never minded when I dressed you up, in fact you use to strut around, so proud to wear the clothes I made. You never got to wear the last costume but was there for me to use you to fit out the outfit.

You aged with dignity and never forgot to let the other pugs know who was the boss in the house. You were always happy and let me know.

9 1/2 years old

Kate, Satin, Sarah

10 years old

10 years old 10 years old 10 years old

Last year for Christmas 2007, you and the girls posed for photos. You sat so good while I messed around with the camera. Little did I know it would be the last Christmas we would spend together.

12 years old

Then you got sick. I think it was coming on slowly but the introduction of kennel cough into the house, it took you from coughing a little to all of a sudden - a collapsed trachea. I brought you home for a last goodbye.

June 6, 2008 June 6, 2008

Auntie Bev came and stayed with us right to the end. I will miss your nightly barking to let the neighborhood know what is going on, I will miss your insistence on remaining on my lap no matter where I am or following me all over the house. You were soo brave and I will miss you forever. I lost my heart when you left but I know someday we will meet again.

Your Loving Mom

Some of Satin's Favorite foods besides dog food:

Bell peppers
Red licorice
Black licorice
Anything that tastes good.